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Welcome to Nick's family

Melbourne master engraver Nick
Karagulidi proudly uses the same
engraving techniques as his Russian
forefathers. His trade hasn't altered in

He only uses his collection of 120 graves and his hands to make
this art.

The only other tools he uses in his workshop are his microscope
and the Shellac Flakes, a wax-like substance stuck of the metal to
keep it in place while he works.

The art of engraving is something Karagulidi has been teaching
himself since he was 15 years old. He studied wood carving and
metal craft at the University of St. Peterburg in Russia.

Like most of his colleagues, Karagulidi believes that computers
cannot threaten his highly artistic work. "Computer work can be very
fine and bright but cannot compare to the deep and intricate work a
master engraver can do" he says.